What is CISPA?

A cybersecurity bill that lets any company share your info with all of government, with no limits. In short, CISPA is the end of meaningful privacy for anyone with personal data on US-based services.

What is TMI?

They're your inappropriate, awkward, often embarrassing personal details — the kind that the FBI, NSA, CIA, IRS, and local police will soon have access to if CISPA passes.

What's the plan?

Make Congress embarrassed of their support for CISPA and, well, just embarrassed period, by giving them all the awkward details of our personal lives. They want your personal data? Bury them in it.

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Handing government my personal data with no protections does nothing to make the Internet secure. Want to improve cybersecurity? Then why not consult actual security professionals?

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CISPA is the Cybersecurity bill that:

Does nothing to secure our infrastructure

CISPA contains no provisions to secure the internet or critical infrastructure (read it).  Instead, it assumes that sharing data will magically solve the problem.

Lets companies share everything with government

Its definitions of cybersecurity-related data are so broad that any personal data would qualify. Limits would be easy to define, but they don’t exist in this bill.

Lets government use data against you, for anything

There's no requirement that government use data for cybersecurity. They could use emails to build a criminal case, without a warrant. Any government agency could get this data: the NSA, FBI, local police — even the IRS!

Overrides all other privacy protections

Under CISPA, essential privacy laws governing financial information, medical records, and wiretapping go out the window. Companies’ own privacy promises become moot — CISPA gives them 100% immunity to share.

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